Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies by Crumb Boss

Watch right now as Crumb Boss demonstrates how to make Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies. Your going to need the crumb boss brownie recipe and the Chocolate chip cookie dough recipe in order to make this. check out for all your recipes! Enjoy!Have you ever wanted to make fabulous desserts from a certified culinary pastry chef before? Well Crumb Boss Gretchen Price is that! And she also provides all the recipes on http which is her recipe blog that she writes in weekly. Also check out all the photos of what she designs and creates on Crumb Boss Facebook page and become a fan and share all of your creations! Here is an incredible list of desserts, bakery treats and so much more you can expect to see on Crumb Boss TV. Two inch thick Crumb Buns. Yes big thick Crumb Buns that weigh about a half a pound. Angel Food Cakes, Baklava, Biscotti( assorted flavors) Biscuits, Boston Cream Pies, Bread Pudding, Brownie Mousse Cake, Brownies, Bundt cakes, Butter Cream, Vanilla and Chocolate Cake, Brown Derby, Cheesecakes, Ganache Cinnamon rolls & Bread. Cookie trays (Assorted or decorated over 200 flavors), Cheese Cakes (Assorted flavors) Croissants plain, chocolate or almond, Cupcake (Mini, regular & Jumbo). Gourmet Cupcakes, Lemon blue berry, Red Velvet, Carmel apple, Carrot, Coconut Sour Cream, Custard Cakes, Lemon Cakes, Italian butter cookies, ginger snaps, German Chocolate, Danish rings, éclairs, filled Florentines, French pastries, Fresh strawberry filled ...
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  1. TheOneAndOnlyMe92 says:

    Oh right? okay, well I'll just wait until the shops open again, but thanks!

  2. steph91069 says:

    you can use all white sugar in a pinch, not recommended as the brown really adds to the recipe, but it wont be the end of the world?

  3. TheOneAndOnlyMe92 says:

    PLEASE HELP!! I want to make cookie dough (to eat raw) and it says I need brown sugar, but I don't have any and can't get to the store.. Do I HAVE to use brown sugar as well as white sugar? Or can I JUST use? white sugar? x

  4. TheOneAndOnlyMe92 says:

    I JUST came across your videos like one? video ago and I LOVE YOU GUYS already! :D

  5. JessLuz11 says:

    Hey, I'm Jess, you guys are really great :) and my birthday is the same day as yours crumb boss :D i did my first ever fondants cake the other day with your velvet cake recipe and it was great I will upload a video with pictures of it hope you two see it :) xx?

  6. steph91069 says:

    Hi BECKY! No? crying!

  7. LOLZProductions123 says:

    Dear Crumb Bosses,
    Please reply!! I LOVE you guys. I'd literally CRY if you reply to this comment. Everytime? your videos are uploaded, i go right into watching it! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Please say my YouTube Name in one of your videos and my name, Becky Nguyen. PLEASE???? I REALLY LOVE YOU GUYS SOO MUCH!!! Thanks! ~Becky Nguyen

  8. FernRichardsMusic says:

    I? have no idea exactly why, but I seem to be addicted to your videos...

  9. KaylaVivian3 says:

    Looks? awsome I want to reach into me iPod and eat it

  10. DemonicAngel619 says:

    merkens is? the best. I use it when I make cake pops. fool proof :)

  11. 36cookiemonster070 says:

    i loved steph in the first vid i watched, the vids wouldn't be the same? without her!:)

  12. vibon15326 says:

    jum? jum

  13. andiiebelle says:

    trolling steph delivering this comment to her blackberry,? haha just kidding I watch you from Mexico and I love each one of your videos, even the spa one :)

  14. soappop says:

    *o* *mouths waters*! HOLOY COW THIS LOOKS? AMAZING!! WAHHHH!!

  15. XMizzXPlayaX says:

    The chick behind the camera has? a great radio voice.

  16. steph91069 says:

    YAY! LOVE IT!?

  17. kmueller4106 says:

    So I am functioning on no sleep and am currently commenting on a lot of your videos! I can't get enough of you two!! You guys are so genuine, funny, honest and great people! Whenever I get money saved up, I am going to drive up to NJ to see you guys and buy everything in the bakery! Mind you, I live in Texas, so what a long drive it will be, but so worth it, just so I can meet you two and hey, who knows maybe even go out for a drink. :) .?

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